Ayala Shoshana Guy
Untitled Bodies 2020

“Untitled Bodies” consists of five monotype prints made using paper-cut stencils, through which the paper is pressed to the color multiple times. Despite its multiple stages, this technique keeps the fast and intuitive necessities that are inherent to the monotype printing technique. As large scale worked on and quickly produced, the printing is a physical practice that uses the knowledge the body holds, often untouched by logic. Therefore, it is not surprising that the printing refers often to the body from which it is created, it’s softness, darkness, desires and fears.

On the fragile silk paper, the stains remain witness to the actions that were performed in order to leave an image on the paper. Stains and marks remain on the paper more often than not, as shadows of the body/image, to become in turn, bodies by themselves.

Technical Details:
All prints are 50 x 70 cm, Linoldruckfarbe on silk paper

Detail from “Sleep”