Ayala Shoshana Guy
Small Wild Plants and Things I Don’t Know

Writer, Director & Animator: Ayala Shoshana Guy

“Small Wild Plants and Things I Don’t Know” is a poetic animated journey through the state of solitude -- or rather, isolation. As the outside world becomes more strange than comprehensible, the inner structures of language, of the self, of what exist, strip from meaning. At that moment there is an opportunity for an (almost) unmediated glimpse through the world of senses, which creates a different state of understanding and gives a new sense of being to oneself.

The film was presented at

Kurzfilmwanderung Filmfestival, “innen - außen” (Leipzig, 2021), “BLICKE, RISSE, GESCHICHTE“, Cinémathèque Leipzig (2021),
5th Chaniartoon Film Festival (Chania, Greece, 2020),
Demakijaz – Women’s Film Festival, 5th edition (2020).

Technical details

One channel screening 
Length:  2 min 28 seconds
Aspect ratio:  1920 x 1080
Color: Yes
Genre:  Experimental animation
Sound: Stereo

Still from film

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