Ayala Shoshana Guy
Like Body Like Paper

“Like Body Like Paper” (2020 ) is a performance - installation research that took place in a hutt to which passing visitors could “peek in” through a window, while Ayala was constantly producing or hanging large monotype prints in a time frame of 8 days, several hours each day.
During the installation, the hut turned into a hybrid creature - a room (private) / stage (public). The performance-installation formed as an in-between state that crossed back and forth the private (unfinished work of art), to the public (presentable work of art). 
The preparation of the printing surface, the act of drawing, arranging and rearranging of space, keeping or getting rid of unwanted results, all these actions and non-actions were performed during the installation hours and were an inseparable part of it. The finished prints were cutted and hung around the hutt - much like a background or scenery of a performance - just to be taken away when new works are ready.

The materials used were Silk-Papers in size A1, the artist’s own body and the tools necessary in a Monotype-print studio such as a large glass plate, colors and rollers

View of the hutt

Ayala printing during the performance - installation

Fhotos: Jule Würfel

Technical details: 

All prints are 84 x 118 cm, Linoldruckfarbe on silk paper

The project took place and was realised with the kind support of ∞UNENDLICH∞ festival, Thallwitz, FAIL - Fine Arts Institute Leipzig.