Ayala Shoshana Guy
Is Soft to the Touch2021 / work in progress

“Is Soft to the Touch” is an idea and a wish of creating a platform, which ties together experiences of women from around the world, through stories they choose to share with us. The point at which all the stories meet is our most intimate organ, the vagina, an organ whose experiences are too often bound with shame, abuse and trauma. But also, with pleasure, self-knowledge and ultimately, freedom.

This project aims to liberate female erotic truth from the usual labels of ‘porn,’ ‘art’, ‘sexual fantasy’ and ‘sexual experience.’ It aims to reclaim the (male) gaze that was always denied to us as girls and women, yet is the one we are in fact the object of. This film is a female gaze at ourselves. Contrary to the male gaze which is definite, linear: our (female) gaze can contain it all (traumas, desires, the past, the present)- just as our bodies do.

Text: Ayala Shoshana Guy and Helena Palsson

Detail from “P”

Creator and Director: Ayala Shoshana Guy
Producers: Ayala Shoshana Guy and Johanna Ruber
Text editor and co-creator: Helena Palsson
Project Website design: Mariana de Camargo Moreira