Ayala Shoshana Guy
Beyond the Screen of Bliss There Is Bliss
2022 / ongoing

“Beyond the Screen of Bliss There Is Bliss” is a multi-disciplinary project that researches water-based heterotopias. The project examines various mechanisms of control and desire as they manifest themselves in locations such as cruise ships, wellness resorts, school for water-police and a touristic-island.   Although inspired from philosophical and critical discourse, the project is first and foremost a curious inquirythrough the artist’s fragile, strange-at times, body.

the works in “Beyond the Screen of Bliss there is Bliss”, are based on methodical combination of documentary perspective and authentic fictionalization of reality. The embedding of a narrative in specific, everyday contexts enables the films to build a bridge between the individual and the universal. This invites the viewer to observe concrete phenomena, to grasp them in a nuanced way through a slow editing speed and to engage with the narrative on a visual level.

The project, developed with the kind support of NEUSTART KULTUR-Stipendium, Kunstfonds Working Grant, and currently includes 5 video works and a text that will be published in 2024.

Still from film, “Sunscreen”, HD 1080x1920, 2023

Placing herself, her mother and an unknown man in an underground room with metal floor, the artist gave strict instructions:

1) The artist stands naked, away from her mother

2) The man pours 1.5 liters of cold water on the artist

3) following a cue, the mother approaches the artist, dries her to the best of her ability, and dresses her in a bathing suit.

4) The mother steps away from the artist and hold a towel as if it was a screen between them. Then, she lets the towel fall.

5) Repeat “

“6 rehearsals toward unknown”3 channel video (loop), 2024. Camera: François Weinert
Installation view, galerieGEDOKmuc, München. 
Photo: Julia Milberger

Stills from film, “Farewell”, HD 1080x1920, 2023