Ayala Shoshana Guy
I Will Take Your Shadow
Currently in post production

WILL TAKE YOUR SHADOW is an experimental autobiographical animated film. The film is an independent, interdisciplinary art project,
consisting of hundreds of monotype drawings and prints, which have been combined and digitally manipulated. Through visual and linguistic means, the film reflects on historical events and political conditions and traumas of the 20th century, and their achos to this day. That, through a personal approach, based on experiences from Ayala’s own family history.

Plot Description

In the years 1939-1940 the two brothers Jancsi and Bandi were forced to leave Vienna. In a desperate search for a safe home and fearing the Nazi regime, they sailed for a few months to what was then British Palestine.
Today, the director, Jancsi’s granddaughter, is lost in her own dreams, which bring the past of the men in her family back into her everyday reality. The untold becomes a search for all that is lost and yet persists in its absence and unfolds in it.

The film was made as a master student work of Ayala Shoshana Guy, and won the Meisterschülerpreis der G2 Kunsthalle (press).

In summer 2021 the film has received from the Jewish Film Institute San Francisco a Completion Grant for post-production. (press).

a preperation sketch

Writer, Director & Animator: Ayala Shoshana Guy
Audio designer and original score: Moses (Julian Hoffman)
Producers: Lili 丽丽 Nacht and Ayala Shoshana Guy

Technical Details:

Video 1920 X 1080
24 minutes
One channel screening
Experimental animation, mixed techniques
Audio: Stereo

Stills from film