Ayala Shoshana Guy

“Fight” was created out of more than a hundred hours filmed at “Sin-City Boxgym” in Leipzig, Germany. As Ayala, a young-jewish-female arrives at the gym, the will to make a “real” film and of becoming a “real” fighter are mixed into a single process. During the process it is soon becoming clear that both goals are hopeless. Yet, during the time and training, a connection is forming between Ayala and Maik, as well as Massau - both boxing champions and “real” fighters. Through this connection arises a dialog about belonging and foreignness, strength and vulnerability. With humor and compassion, the film addresses heavier topics such as gender and ethnicity.

The plot develops as a mixture of documentation and intervention to it’s strange end.

Technical Details:

Video 1920 X 1080
19:30 minutes
One channel screening

The filming was possible due to the kind hospitality of Sin City Boxgym, Leipzig.

Still from film

The film is a winner of the Small Axe, Tolpuddle Film Festival 2017 (Best Student Film), and semi-finalist at the Caribbean Film Festival & Market. It was screened in “Kino In Bewegung” (2020), Barcelona Film Festivel (2017) and the greduation exhibition of the Fine Arts department in 2017, in the Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design.