Ayala Shoshana Guy
Endless Dorf

The monotype series “Endless Dorf” (2024-ongoing) was created from the dream image of a small suburb that has all the qualities of a village, but is endless and therefore inescapable. Endless beginnings and new beginnings, which do not formulate themselves into a unity, a conclusion or an end but rather a dislocated, threshold place.

A series of recurring motifs can be found in the pictures, which seem to seek their place in everyday scenarios and remain in constant motion. Caught in the tension between creation, destruction and inevitable loss, spider-like-human beings carry out their daily routines.

Exhibition View, Galerie Der Künstler*Innen München, 2024
Photo: Constanza Melendez

Technical details:

Currently there are 22 images in the serie, all of them are are about 20 cm x 3
0cm, lino-print color on paper